My View, Right Now

Usually, my view is a little less err… dramatic than this. But since I’m visiting family in Colorado for Thanksgiving I have exchanged my somewhat tiny landscape for this, huge, snow-capped, sunshiney affair.

I hate to tell you but this is the view from Under Gardener’s mum’s house. Not bad as views go. We could do with a smidge more snow though. Honestly, I can never have enough snow!

If I find any evidence of vegetable growing here I’ll report back soon. There must be someone growing Sprouts here, right?

9 Comments on “My View, Right Now

  1. Wow! Can’t wait to take in that site with you soon, sweet Gill! xoxo

  2. Wow, gorgeous view! Looks like the viewpoint from my MIL’s dining room. My hubby’s family lives in Colorado Springs, and we love to visit at Christmastime. Is that Pike’s Peak in the background? I am super envious of you right now. :)

  3. Hi just want to say I love your blog!! Are you American or is it your hubby who is American then?

  4. Hi Yvonne, my husband is American. I’m Engish and we live in England.

  5. Oh I have just read you will be in Colarado for Thanksgiving – which is today!! Happy Thanksgiving to you.