Jackson Lee


It was quite a nice day on Sunday, sun was shining, the air was warm, I had plans to put some lettuce seeds in and maybe plant my nice new Blackberry bush. You know, as you do. But then this happened and well, I didn’t have time to do the Blackberry bush but I did manage to get some lettuce in :)

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  1. Great photo of you both … WELL DONE, especially the lettuce ;) … how wonderful: ENJOY!


  2. How sweet…
    I’ve been reading your blog for quite a while, but this really is a surprise!

  3. my gosh – what a time to start reading your blog! It was recommended by a friend – you’re going to have a tough time topping this post. :)

  4. The most beautiful picture of a new mommy and new baby. I love seeing the wonder in your face!

  5. Huge congratulations to you both! He is very beautiful. Definitely the best thing you are ever likely to grow!

    PS. Glad you managed to get the lettuce in ;-)

  6. I thought it had gone a little quiet here!!
    Congratulations to you both, he looks adorable and you must be very proud.
    Now get lots of rest :)

  7. You didn’t manage to get the Blackberry bush in? I thought women were supposed to be able to multi-task?

  8. I didn’t think you were due so soon !! Congratulations !!


  9. Many congratulations to you & Ryan & welcome to the apprentice.Lots of feeding,watering & repotty(ing) to do now!!xxx

  10. I’m new to your blog and have been enjoying it immensely. What a wonderful surprise to open my email from MTP to see you and your new baby! It’s made my day. Congratulations your new undergardener! Deb McD.

  11. Wow, what a lovely picture. I am new to your blog and I really like it, I am new to gardening too, so just learning. Best wishes to you and your new baby!!


  12. Wowee – congrats on the new assistant gardener! Have been addicted to your blog for some time, but was bowled over by this post. Best wishes to all the MTP family.

  13. congratulations, he looks lovely, and you look positively over the moon!!

    there seems to have been a spate of tiny seedling emerging in the blogging world of late!!

    remember, the sooner you introduce them to the veggie growing the sooner they learn



  14. WOW


    I have 2 crazy kids of my own 6 months and nearly 3, they mix superbly well with the Garden / Allotment!

    I wish all 3 of you a very happy life, it was a great delight to my day to receive this update, as it always is with My Tiny Plot.


  15. What a lovely surprise to read your latest blog. Many congratulations and all the best with your little seedling (he’s very cute).

    I have been away from your blog for a while (moved to Shanghai) but what a lovely surprise to come back to!
    Brings a whole new meaning to “potting”!

    Many best wishes….

  17. CONGRATULATIONS! I’ve been reading your blog since acquiring a ‘not so tiny’ allotment plot of my own and I really enjoy your ideas and tips! I look forward to reading all about you nuturing your ‘seedling’ and his exploits on YTP!! Best wishes to all of you!

  18. I knew you were pregnant but did not realize you were that much pregnant! :-)
    Welcome to this little boy. This picture of you both is a delight.

  19. Congratulations, a year of growth both in the garden and at home.

  20. I thought expectant mothers had an urge to do housework! instead you went out and did some gardening – and look what happened. Many congrats!

  21. Congratulations. Are those green fingers I can see popping out below the blanket?
    Ian Orr

  22. Well done!! Congratulations to both of you!

  23. Many congratulations! I hope the little guy enjoys playing in your lovely new veggie garden. Good work getting those lettuce seeds in quickly too ; )

  24. Gill, I chuckle at your understatement. This one may grow to be well over 6 feet tall!!

  25. YeY!…Are you sure it isn’t one of those “gnome folk”?…
    Note the hat……… It’s a bit of a give-away….!

  26. Aaaaaah what a sweetie!

    Many congratulations to you…. now stop making me broody again!

    Lovely baby, lovely garden, lovely site…. what more can I say?

  27. Oh how sweet! Congratulations. I’m sure you both will be out in the garden again in no time!

  28. Congratulations. This feels a bit like watching a soap – I’m thinking, surely it isn’t 9 months. Huge momentus things occur in life but the peas still need planting! I wish your baby a happy life.

  29. A-MAY-ZING!!
    You look great! Hope you don’t get too frustrated when he needs tending before you can tend the garden :)

  30. How Wonderful! Thanks for sharing the beautiful picture of you and your son Jackson. What a delicious time in your life!
    I’ve been reading your blog for a few months and truly enjoy it.
    Many congratulations to your whole family!

  31. First time on your brilliant blog and found this pic, the best sweet pea of all. Made my day. Congratulations and thankyou for sharing.

  32. I didn’t realise you were so far along!!! Anyway congratulations to you and your new seedling, may he bring you lots of love and happiness.

  33. Such a lovely photo. Congratulations and best wishes. I stumbled on to it whilst looking for pond ideas in the archives. So much to catch up on now that I have broadband.