Kelvedon Wonder Peas


If, like me, you sowed some peas in guttering in the cold frame then now’s the time to put them in the ground. They’re pretty frost hardy and so should be able to cope with just about anything (even snow in April!).
Don’t forget to water them before you attempt to slide out the seedlings to enable them to come out in one piece. You don’t want to disturb that lovely root system as peas hate that and will respond by checking their growth for a few days.

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  1. You’re fortunate to be so far to the south of us. We have four inches of snow on the ground up here in Scotland and will have frosts will into May (sometimes even into June). I have broadbeans, onions and brassica seedlings waiting to be planted out, the potted herbs are waiting to out, and the artichoke tubers, potatoes and onion sets are all waiting too.

  2. First time commenting for me, just wanted to say love your site and congratulations on the birth of your little one!

    Can’t believe how “together” you seem! Beautiful photo on last post (whereas I was a red-faced, wild-haired mess) and now, posting and planting peas. Amazing!

    Off to browse your site a little more (I’ve only just started blogging but have linked to you if that’s ok? Not sure of correct netiquette!)

  3. Congratulations on your new arrival, he looks so sweet :-) And I’m amazed that you are already back at the plot, fantastic. I was just sowing some Kelvedon Wonder yesterday so a bit behind you!

    SP x

  4. Peas in the ground, baby in the cot … take it easy, DO, even thought that lovely new garden wants filling …. but mothers are notoriously bad at looking after themselves

    What a lovely time in your life – and I am ashamed not to have sown a single pea this year


  5. Thanks everyone. I must admit this was the one and only thing I did in the garden yesterday. Then Jackson started crying and I became a one-woman feeding machine again!

  6. What a great idea….I will try this out. I bet you enjoyed your little stint in the garden….You seem to be coping well, best wishes to you both and I hope he is good boy for Mummy.

  7. great tips for next year.. gutterings perfect. I got my first ever pea shoot today :) Brill photo’s thanks

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