Malvern Autumn Show

On Sunday we went the Malvern Autumn Show. We had a great day out and saw lots of interesting things, so I thought I’d share some with you.

There were lots of gardening exhibits, show gardens and seed stalls. Chris Beardshaw did a talk and there was even a jazz band and stunt show! There was also lots of animals there, rare breed pigs, cows, horses and dogs. Including miniature donkeys! When I saw this though I had to take a photo of it; The Webb Miniature, a lawnmower for children. Ahhh… The Victorians – they didn’t have EU safety laws did they?

Above is the winning show garden in the ‘Good Life’ pavillion (ie the ‘grow your own’ bit). I thought it was very neat. Although, aren’t those ornamental Cabbages?

Above is the show vegetables stand from seed merchants, Thompson & Morgan. I’m always amazed at how decorative show growers can make their veg look. And how do you prepare Onions like that?

There were tons of colourful vintage tractors which kept the little (and not so little one) happy.

And the new thing on my ‘must have’ list – a vintage caravan. Some of them were just perfect, inside and out.

And the people who owned them looked like they were having such fun.

And of course, not forgetting this year’s ‘Young Farmer of the Year’ – who felt it was his job to inspect the harvest.

Particularly, since there was a rather smart looking tractor in the middle of the display!

3 Comments on “Malvern Autumn Show

  1. Love the photos

    Can I ask totally unrelated question

    I am buying my onions and garlic to plant in the next month or so as I always do
    I tried shallotts last year for the first time and had no success at all unlike you

    They were very small and the skins when they dried were so thick you could hardly cut through them let alone peel them and I ended up throwing most of them away

    Have you any ideas what I did wrong

    I had the best onion and garlic harvest from the same area so don’t think its my soil

    Thanks Sharon

  2. I’ve seen so many photo’s of Dahlia’s on blogs this year, they really have come back into fashion. Cute little lawnmower, and a cutie in the pushchair too. He knows what he want’s and he’s going to have it!

  3. I love those old caravans. Mr Chiots and I keep saying we want to get one, it would have to be pretty small though to tow behind our MINI.