First Signs of Autumn – Winner

The scores are in and the winner of the latest Photo Mission: First Signs of Autumn is Gaelen, with this gorgeous photo of Autumn Carrots. I love the colour, the shapes and the light. It’s what Autumn is all about in the kitchen garden. No doubt these little beauties will be good stored under some wet sand ready to use all Autumn long. Well done Gaelen and enjoy the lovely wicker cloches from Hand Picked.

The rest of the entries were of a similar high standard and I’ve picked the best of them for you below:

Patty Johnson sent in this amazing photo of her green Tomato harvest. Beautiful colours and great care given to composition here.

Here’s Rosa’s photo of some olives in her garden on the Amalfi coast in Italy. A reminder that not everyone’s Autumn is all ‘mists and mellow fruitfulness’.

Debbie Webber’s seed pods made an appearance with Autumnal browns and creams. Lovely.

A perfect Pumpkin with a Nasturtium garland was Sally Cornwell’s choice. A great combination.

I love this entry. It’s entitled ‘Squash with Spartans.’ And why not eh? Murray Priestman, I salute you.

And lastly, our only black and white entry came from Shane Speck of his freshly picked Walnuts. Man I wish I had a Walnut tree!

Well done to all. Sorry I couldn’t post all of the entries. But thanks to everyone who entered. Here’s looking forward to our next Photo Mission.

7 Comments on “First Signs of Autumn – Winner

  1. Congrats to Gaelen! They certainly look tender and sweet.

    Thank you for posting my photo !

  2. Gill, I feel so honoured – you published my photo! Thank you so much!

    If you want to read the full story behind the Spartans then pop over to Alternatively, do please delete this plug if it is just too shameless…

  3. Hello Gill,

    Loved all the photos! On a separate note what do you mean by “will be good stored under some wet sand ready to use all Autumn long”. Is there a way to store the carrots (besides umm pickling?) I am new to England. This will be my first winter in the northern hemisphere. It would be great to learn how veggies are saved / stored here. Thanks.

  4. The story of the Spartans by the drooling vegetable guy is by far the best I have come across in a long time! LOL. Awesome. Aw. He deserved to be the winner.