Mr Toad

Meet Mr Toad, the frog. He lives in the small pond in my garden. Sometimes he pops his head out of the water but mostly he stays out of sight until nightfall – unless it really, really rains, and then he makes an exception and comes out in the daytime. At the moment he’s really hot and is busy cooling down under cover of his pond weed. He eats slugs (when he feels like it) and bugs and stuff. He preferred it when the garden was nice and messy – he’s not so sure about the new, neater regime. He doesn’t like hoes. He did have a friend who he used to hang with in the weed but not so long ago his friend lay very still for days. Then the tall man came along, scooped him up and buried him in a corner of the garden. He hasn’t seem him since. Occasionally he tries to find Mr Frog, the toad, but Mr Frog is very difficult to find mainly because he doesn’t have a permanent address. So mostly he just chills, in his pond, by himself.

7 Comments on “Mr Toad

  1. I love the frogs in my garden, they do jump out and surprise you when you least expect it. My favourites are the tiny ones about an inch long, they are so sweet. Watch out for the ones in your compost heap, I have nearly forked two, and the other week I took some garden rubbish to my local tip and when I got home there was a huge one sitting on my back car seat on the plastic sheeting, I am so pleased it didn’t end up getting composted!

  2. I like the style of your posts, and your photos are fantastic! I’ll be back to read more.

  3. Well, I have a froggy friend too! When he was very young he was spooked by us walking around the pond. Now, however, he sits either on a rock in the pond, floating with legs stretched, or in amoung the water cress.

    I sit and feed the goldfish for a good long time because the hummingbirds come by to feast on the scarlet runners which grow up the bird house pole and trellis. The pond is my favorite spot in the garden.

    I like your blog.

  4. I had a fun experience a week ago when my son’s friend turned up at his 8th birthday with a handful of toads! Ummm… I don’t need any “pets” right now (I’ve got boys instead)and our backyard has no water for them. So, the toads stayed over night for the slumber party and went back home the next day!

  5. Gill…outstanding photo and story, you are a natural.
    Love, Marta