My Alternate Life in Miami

So I’m in Miami right now. And I’m having a nice time walking to the beach and back, playing in the pool and eating waaay too much French toast with eggs and maple syrup and butter!
Infact we were walking back from the breakfast diner today and then we saw it… the place where we will live in my dreams forever more.

A 1937 art deco home, currently derelict and in need of some serious lovin’. Five bedrooms, no kitchen (hey who needs a kitchen anyway), double garage, gorgeous wrap-around garden and … as if this was the least of it… within a short stroll of the beach. I mean… what’s not to like?

Okay, so it might need a bit of work. Okay so it might need a lot of work but I’m game! If only for the chance to grow Tomatoes for eight months of the year. What I can’t understand is why this house has been on the market for almost a year. Can’t they see how beautiful it is?

So, anyway back to earth. It won’t be mine. Even though Under Gardener did say that he would buy it for me if he had the money. And even though I did have to break it to him that no matter which city we travel to in the whole world, I ‘will’ find a house to buy, no matter where it is.

But I hope someone buys it and makes it into the beautiful family home that I have already imagined in my dreams.

7 Comments on “My Alternate Life in Miami

  1. I love that house and want it too! Art Deco style is definitely a favourite of mine. So much potential for a property like that.

    Just please tell me it was in a horrible neighbourhood so I don’t feel bad that I can’t have it!

  2. I hope that you at least called the real-estate agent to have a look see- and check the price because seriously it might be cheaper than you thing and think of the rental holiday potential! ( I bought a euromillions ticket yesterday- going to check the numbers right now to see if I won!

  3. We can always dream. How lovely it would be to live close to the beach and in a place where sunshine is guaranteed.

  4. Jennifer – it’s on the market for $500,000. The house next door just sold for $1.4m and it wasn’t even Art Deco!
    James – sorry to break it to you but it’s right opposite a lovely park and the neighbourhood is beautiful. Argghh!

  5. But no kitchen?? Well, I guess that whoever has enough money to buy it probably would have enough money to install a kitchen… or eat out forever!