Time to Deploy the Peach Frame

My Peach tree is starting to show signs of life. I can just about see some tiny pink flower petals starting to emerge under the deluge of rain we’re having here. It’s time to deploy my Peach frame.

So my exposed little Peach tree became…

…my protected little Peach tree. I don’t want any nasty Peach Leaf Curl setting in or my beautiful flowers giving in to some late frosts, do I?

What we ‘do’ want is a gorgeous Peach-laden tree, that you can smell when you walk by it – like I had last year. My mouth is actually watering!

7 Comments on “Time to Deploy the Peach Frame

  1. I hope you manage as good a harvest this year. I look forward to following your progress with the peaches.

  2. Ah, a lovely peach tree! Sure wish we could grow peach trees here. We had four orange trees until about 10 years ago, when the state came in to cut them down because of a disease that was supposedly spreading … long story. Now we got nuthin’. I also think that wall is lovely.

  3. We are planting a peach tree this year. We canned about 20 jars of local peaches that we have been eating over the winter…yum! I like what you have done!

  4. so glorious to see the signs of spring: i don’t have a peach tree, sadly, but at least i have a few crocuses pushing up. Looking forward to seeing your peaches grow!