My New Seedling

I had my baby yesterday. Here he is, his name is Devon. He was a week early but I was expecting him because my first born, Jackson, was three weeks early and the midwife told me that this baby would come on Saturday – I don’t know how she knew, lucky guess I expect, but she was right!

For those who are interested it went a little bit like this:

  • 5am woke up with mild cramps coming 20 minutes apart.
  • These lasted for around three hours.
  • Called the hospital and they said to wait another hour and if they get stronger to come in.
  • They did and I did.
  • By 10:30am we had arrived at the hospital and my contractions were around nine minutes apart and the midwife confirmed that I was 4cm dilated. She suggested I go for a walk and come back in an hour.
  • As she walked away I had another contraction and my waters broke.
  • Within 10 minutes my contractions were two minutes apart and getting too painful to cope with.
  • The midwife came back and suggested we go to a delivery room. The time was 11:50am.
  • I had requested a water birth and so they were filling up the birthing pool. However, I never made it to the pool because I couldn’t stop myself from pushing and after just three pushes Devon was born at 12:04.

The midwife said she would have liked a little more notice, I said, ‘So would I!”
But despite his quick arrival Devon is just perfect and actually looks exactly like Jackson did when he was first born. He’s doing the usual newborn thing of sleeping a lot and making us all think he is a little angel baby. Something that I’ve no doubt will change over the next day or so.

But at the moment we’re enjoying his snuggles and doing a lot of lazing around and eating ready-meals from the freezer. Jackson meanwhile is intrigued by what has happened but is very happy with his new doctor’s kit that Devon bought and wrapped for him on his way home from the hospital. Clever baby!

68 Comments on “My New Seedling

  1. Many congratulations to you all, such wonderful news, he is beautiful and so glad it all went so well (quickly!)
    Hope to see you all soon xxx

  2. Can’t believe you have already managed to blog – impressive stuff (OK the childbirth is probably more impressive in the big scheme of things, but still…)

    Massive congratulations – enjoy the sleeping and snuggling.

  3. Welcome to this world, Devon! You couldn’t have picked a better home.

    Love to you, your brother, dad and mum.

    xx Ines

  4. oh congratulations to you and your family on your new arrival – he looks adorable. You make childbirth sound like a breeze :)
    Enjoy x

  5. Many congratulations! Very impressed you’ve got a blog post up already about it. At least you made it to the hospital though ;>)

  6. Congratulations!
    He is really cute! Wishing you a good recovery and enjoy the babytime!

  7. Congratulations! I saw Ryan’s tweet yesterday and was really pleased for you both. Your new arrival looks just adorable. My first is due in March and I can’t wait to meet her.

    Take care xx

  8. Congratulations, and welcome Devon. If you’re lucky he may actually be an angel baby.

  9. CONGRATULATIONS !! he is beautiful, the best kind of seedling there is.
    Love to you all.
    M xxx

  10. My all your Gods bless you and rain down much peace and love…may this love run in torrents and this peace be a tide.
    Great news my digital friend.
    Take ten extra points and a piece of jelly. ;)

  11. Congratulations to you all. I wish you all happiness and welcome baby Devon to the team of “Tiny Plotters” :-)

  12. Congratulations, what wonderful news, and thanks for sharing this precious seedling with us. xx From Julianne in the South Island of New Zealand

  13. Congratulations, hope you both are well, wishing you both and the family well, your Christmas present came early.

  14. Very glad you didin’t get too far away on the suggested walk!
    He is just darling but is no longer a seedling I think, he is definetly a sprout. Just darling.

  15. Lovely photo, nice name, congratulations. If he gets the nuturing your tiny plot gets he’s a a lucky boy.

  16. Congratulations to you all! What a wonderful blog posting and what wonderful news- very happy to hear that all went so well- Enjoy your new baby!

  17. Congratulations to all the family and welcome to Devon!

  18. Congratulations!
    What a lovely picture and a lovely litttle boy.
    And as with everything, your timing is perfect – gardenwise.
    Right at the start of the dead season, after your last harvesting, pruning and cleaning and way before you can do something again.

  19. Hooray hurrah for Devon! Well done you, and in just 3 pushes…!!

    Massive congratulations to you all and enjoy these lovely early days.

  20. congratulations – and welcome to the world devon. Penny x

  21. Gill,

    Huge congratulations another junior gardener to add to the ranks – And coming from that fair county what a brilliant name!

    Best wishes

    Andy & The Sunday Gardening team at BBC Radio Kent.

  22. Many congratulations on your new arrival – wishing Devon a long, happy and healthy life and green fingers too!

  23. Congratulations to you and your family! What a lucky little guy he is, he’s going to enjoy some yummy fruit and veg as he grows up.

  24. Congratulations, he is so cute. Welcome to the world Devon! A lovely name ;)

  25. Congratulations on that lovely baby and well done to you. You’ve done an amazing job!

  26. Well done on your smooth delivery! Congratulations too! Hope you have lots of fun with your new addition to the family.

  27. Congratulations on the new baby! We had our latest in the summer, so even less time for gardening, ho hum. Love the blog – I’ve just started blogging myself, so I was searching around for good gardening blogs and came across yours. It’s taking a while to go through all the good stuff, but I’ll get there.
    Great layout, good pics and very mellow. Fab.

  28. Oh big congrats to you all! Enjoy those newborn cuddles. Love and best wishes xx

  29. May Devon grow and flourish. Lovely name. Congratulations

  30. Wonderful. What a lovely little one and a beautiful name to have chosen. Congratulations to you all. Enjoy the cuddling and those precious first few days together.

  31. Many, many congratulations to you all. I am so delighted that the birth went well and you are having lots of lovely times with Devon already. May God bless you all in many ways in your lives together. What an amazing website and I’m so impressed that you’re blogging already. Can’t wait to see you all. With very much love xxx

  32. Thanks to everyone for the well wishes. Devon is doing very well. He is feeding and sleeping well – although he seems to think that day is night and night is day :) We ventured out for a walk today in the frost. Although he was wrapped up snug in his furry bear suit in the BabyBjorn he seemed to like it.

    Thanks again for the lovely comments.

  33. Congratulations on a very special delivery – glad to hear it went so quick and smooth. A gorgeous baby. blogging the day after giving birth??! Can’t believe how you mustered the energy or concentration. You must be made of strong stuff :-)

  34. Look at all these comments!! Congratulations to both of you. What a wonderful early Christmas prezzie!

  35. Well done you. I didn’t even know you were expecting. Your tiny plot is growing some amazing stuff. Chris x

  36. Congratulations to you! He looks gorgeous and I love the name!

  37. Congratulations, and welcome to the world for Devon.

    The speed of it all sounds very familiar; our 2nd was almost born in the lift!

  38. You sure know how to top off a great year of growing beautiful things brilliantly!! Well done, he’s gorgeous.

  39. What a cutie!! Congratulations to you all. You now have two beautiful boys who will give you the most memorable years of your life – treasure them all :-)

  40. I can’t believe I walk away from the blogosphere for a few months and people went on living their lives without me. What nerve!

    But no, honestly, congrats.

  41. Congratulations to you and your family on the birth. He’s a cute one! Best wishes.

  42. Dear Gill,

    Congratulations! And I guess an early Merry Christmas. I’m so happy for you all. I can’t believe Devon is now born. It seems like yesterday when you were pregnant with Jackson! My goodness how times flies. I think of you two often and hope that one day you’ll come for a visit with the kids to the south of France. All the best,Shelley

  43. Hi Shelley – what a nice surprise. I was only looking at our photos from Villefranche the other day and remembering what a gorgeous location it was and what lovely evenings we spent on your balcony watching the boats come into the harbour and drinking rose! I’d love to bring Jackson and Devon and show them how beautiful the beach is there. I’m sure they’d love it.
    love Gill

  44. I haven’t checked on your blog for a while but what fantastic news..!! congratulations to you all.

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