My Favourite Garden Notebooks

A recent forum thread on UKVG about what gardeners would like this Christmas (thanks Damo) got me thinking about all the lovely stuff there is out there for gardeners. I decided to put together a little shopping list of different things that I find beautiful.

I thought I would start off with a selection of my favourite garden notebooks, so here goes:

    1. One for the kids. I just love Rosie Flo’s colouring books and this one is for little gardeners with big ambitions. Not exactly a notebook but great for getting little gardeners off the starting blocks! £5.99

    2. RE is one of my favourite shops and this collection of black and white recycled notebooks are available for just £2.50 each.

    3. Feed your inner twitcher with this Blue Tit notebook by illustrator Melanie Anne Green being sold on the UK’s answer to Etsy, Folksy. A bit more than the average at £7 but worth it for it’s handmade appeal.

    4.This chunky notebook with its cute cover-phrase, Turn Over a New Leaf, is a great buy at only £9.50. And each page is printed with a different leaf too.

    5. My personal favourite out of all the notebooks here (because I love Angie Lewin’s designs!), it’s a gorgeous new notebook for gardeners from a series of books which includes sketchbooks, cookery notebooks and address-books. A steal at £6.95

    6. This handmade notebook is called Shoots and is designed by Alison Hardcastle in recycled paper. It’s £8.50

I hope you like my notebook links. I want to make it clear that these aren’t paid for or affiliate links. They’re just stuff that I like. And I’m sure there are tons of other notebooks that are just as nice, I just haven’t seen them yet so feel free to add some more links in the comments.

6 Comments on “My Favourite Garden Notebooks

  1. I love my Gardenersclick notebook at the moment. It’s nowehere near as good looking as your lovely examples: it’s just a simple recycled cardboard and paper notebook with a pen attached which is also made out of recycled materials as much as possible.

    What makes it special to me is because it has a record of all the special garden lectures I’ve been to for the past couple of years, plus my notes from my first ever visit to Chelsea Flower Show. I can dive into any page at random and lots of very special memories come flooding back.

    Hope you are well – your new arrival must be imminent!

  2. How could you do this to me! I am addicted to notebooks and all of your ideas look brilliant. Trouble is – I can’t suggest any more books as my partner will go MAD!!!!
    Ah well, it will have to be my secret but just so you know it is your fault!
    Many thanks

  3. I got a Daily Telegraph gardeners diary for Christmas last year which has been fantastic. It includes some inspiring pictures, a ‘What to do this month’ section, some recipes, as well as a week to a page view. Great for noting what and when I’ve sown/planted, and for forward planning succession sowing. Also, when I might expect to harvest. And I’ve also used it as a bit of a diary to scribble my own descriptions of what the garden/plot is looking like at different times of the year. I think there are plenty of other ones out there so you don’t have to get the DT one, that just happens to be the one that Husband bought. I’ve already told him to get me another one for this Christmas – ho ho ho!

  4. Thank you for featuring my notebook on your blog.
    And congratulations on your new arrival!