‘Plant out in December!’

The first sign of snow down here on mtp and the ground is frozen solid. I managed to get the Dahlia corms up a few days ago and store them under cover. But there’s very little to do right now, except inspect the doormat for raspberry cane deliveries (I’ve ordered ten but no sign yet), re-read my vegetable gardening books, check if my broadbeans are coming up and measure up the beds for new wooden borders for next Spring (Ryan’s job and he’s slacking). So I don’t know about you but I’m twiddling my thumbs a bit. Eager to get started on next year but there’s the small problem of it being too cold to be at the plot for any length of time (my toes were frozen after just 20 mins yesterday – need to upgrade my socks!) and not many vegetables have ‘plant out in December’ written on the seed packets.

4 Comments on “‘Plant out in December!’

  1. Mmm, know what you mean. I start buying seeds at this time of the year, with the result that I have far too many packs by Spring. And I end up planting them far too early the next year because I can’t wait any longer.

    You could always try some cress or alfalfa on the kitchen windowsill…..not quite as exciting as an allotment with ‘real’ veg, but it’s something!

  2. Yes I have that problem too. I’m currently relieving the bordem by working on my plan for next year – I take a picture of it and post about it soon.

  3. Am most impressed with the new photos since my last visit – and that you have your broad beans in! This year is the first we have tried winter planting so fingers crossed – not that I dare take my gloves off or anything! I did see in one of these numerous prezzie mags some heated wellie inserts – put them in the microwave (the inserts not the wellies) and zap them for a minute and hey presto – wellie ding (as oppose to chicken ding) They apparently stay warm for up to an hour – they might be just the thing for frozen tootsies!

  4. Wellie warmers?….on my Christmas list as of now!
    It’s too cold to go to mtp right now so I don’t know if the broadbeans are even up yet. I might venture away from the fire tomorrow…

    Thanks for your kind words about my photos :)