Broadbeans Are In…

I should have posted this last week when I did actually sow the Broadbeans but work got the better of me. But never mind that, the Broadbeans are in and I shall watch closely for signs of life over the next few weeks. I bought an Autumn sowing variety called Aquadulce Claudia (ooh very posh). Interestingly enough when I arrived at mtp to sow the aforementioned beans my plot neighbour, David, was there doing exactly the same thing! That’s not unusual in itself but I was very happy that he was sowing broadbeans as that meant I was doing something right. David is my guru. I watch him, I learn, then copy everything he does. I think he’s about 70 years old (he’s never told me his age but from a few hints he’s dropped I’m guessing) and (this is the best bit) he’s grown vegetables on his plot for 30 years. So as I said, I’m watching, learning and copying his every move. Maybe I’ll persuade him to smile for the camera one day!

6 Comments on “Broadbeans Are In…

  1. I have just found your web page and it is captivating – wonderful photos too.

    Brilliant – I will look forward to what is coming next.

  2. shucks! – it’s really nothing, it’s all Mr Canon, he really is quite good, you know….

  3. Panto season soon at the allotment! Putting in the broadbeans today with rows of garlic and red onoins in between. Jack and Beanstalk meets the enemies of Count Dracula!

  4. Hello

    Wonder if you can help me. These sound like exactly the type of seeds I could use for a school competition ……

    If I were to plant them in the next week or so, at what point would I have a tall beanstalk?



  5. Hi Michelle.

    Broadbeans are quite short and squat. You probably need runner beans for a ‘grow the tallest beanstalk’ type competition. However, this is the wrong time of year for Runner Beans. They are usually sown in June time.