Poor Little Mite…

I can’t possibly think about the allotment because my cat, Cider, has had an operation today. He went to the ‘vet’ dentist to have a tooth out. This was mainly brought on due to munching way too many mice, bunnies, and assorted small rodents. But look at the poor little mite. Pitiful isn’t it? Needless to say he’s had the best hospital care money can buy (ie me). On the hour mashed up food, special treats, milk in his bowl and a tiny piece of chocolate (don’t tell Ryan). You’d never know he was a trained assassin who knows 360 ways to kill a vole with his bare paws! He’s feeling a bit rubbish at the moment (but soldiering on). All well-wishers invited…

9 Comments on “Poor Little Mite…

  1. What a gorgeous cat! We lost our male black cat in October to a car, still miss him terribly.

    Hope both you and Cider are back to 100% soon!


  2. Poor thing! He does look sorry for himself. But it also sounds like he’s being properly pampered and loved. I’m sure he’ll be back to terrorising the wildlife in no time.

  3. Thanks for the kind words – Cider appreciates it. He’s feeling much better today thankyou. He’s managed to eat some special pate this morning but his meow is still a little weak….

  4. He’s a lovely little thing. Very interested to hear that he likes pate. My cat is particularly fond of the stuff, and he actually has two pottery pate containers for his food bowls. Hope Cider gets better soon.

  5. Our sincerest condolences for Cider’s lost tooth. We’re sure he’ll miss it terribly as we were lucky enough to witness one of his larger kills during our stay. (poor little bunny!)
    We wish him well, and Milton says hello and recommends a soothing nap in a sun patch.
    How much did the tooth fairy leave the poor cat?

  6. No tooth fairy for Cider – he doesn’t believe! what he does believe in is spreading his love by lazying on our white duvet with his filthy black paws. A cat’s life indeed!
    Glad you got home okay, we haven’t had any more rabbits since you left – I think he was just showing off!

  7. thanks for leaving a comment about velcro. he was neutered this time last year and he looked exactly like cider with the wee bit shaved off his leg. he behaves much better now and doesn’t get into fights at all (although i think the last fight was fatal for his adversary – a feral cat who used to roam around here).
    i am a regular reader at your site and your layout is excellent! you can see my miniature yorkshire terrier on my blog now if you are interested.
    keep up the good work!

  8. Awww! Toaster – I saw him – he’s perfect. And I want him!
    Cider may leave home if I bring a dog home though. He thinks it’s his birth-right to be the only pet in the mtp household!