Riverford Field Kitchen


We had lunch at the Riverford field kitchen on New Year’s Day. I basically ate a plate of vegetables in different forms, Carrots with feta cheese, Cauliflower with almonds, Beetroot and herbs etc. But it felt like a gourmet dish. I was so impressed that I simply had to buy the book to find out how to make those.

I was very impressed with the honesty in the first few chapters. From a test farm for chemical company ICI to the successful vegetable box scheme it is now is a great achievement in one generation.

Guy Watson, the founder, talks about the simple Savoy being the best thing to eat at this time of year and of course the cheapest. His pep-talk has already worked for me. I switched my order for Aubergine and Courgette to Savoy and Kale.

6 Comments on “Riverford Field Kitchen

  1. We loved the Riverford field kitchen and tour of the farm. Although head of a multi-million pound business now, Guy was out in the fields picking artichokes and demonstrated how to cut one up and how to eat it. Happy New Year.

  2. Guy and Riverford have a great hand in the delicious food served at the Do Lectures each year – http://www.dolectures.co.uk
    I can honestly say that when I attended in 2009 they were some of the best fed days of my life. Ever!

  3. I get a box from Riverford every week and have always been impressed by their quality – and Guy’s newsletters. Their recipes are really good, and it’s very easy to search for recipes for specific vegetables on their website if you have glut of something and need inspiration.

  4. Sounds great and I guess it’s all about using veg in season. Love kale at this time of year, one of those veg you can taste is good for you!

  5. Ah that sounds useful. I get such random vegetables in my veg box and often they get repeated regularly for a while, so I am always looking for inspiration on how to use them creatively.