Let the Work Commence

Jackson is raring to get going on his new, bigger garden. He wanted to go out and do some digging but the digging soon turned to raking. The raking consisted of moving the soil from one location to another and then back again.

It was great fun, especially when we used the rake upside down.

And when we were finished the garden really didn’t look any different than it did before we arrived but we had spent a nice hour or two in the garden, getting some welcome fresh air after the crazy Christmas week – and mummy got to do some tidying up too!

4 Comments on “Let the Work Commence

  1. I love the way little children work really, really hard in the garden! He looks like he’s putting his back into the work. Reminds me I should get some tools cut down to child sized. I’ve been meandering down to the garden for herbs and light weeding and pruning just to be outside for a couple of hours – it’s so dark indoors! – and come inside feeling so much better for it! Looking forward to spring and wish you well for 2012 gardening. Caro x (PS. Felcos have safely arrived, thank you!)

  2. I wish my kids would still help me in the garden, once they got to secondary school they lost interest. They used to love growing veg and slug hunting !!!

  3. Aww, that’s lovely. It’s a great way to get your kids interested in gardening, giving them responsibility for their own plots. May his interest continue for many years to come!