View From the Potting Shed

Here’s the view from my potting shed where I’ll be cowering from the weather for the next few months. I just cleaned the glass on the window which makes it look super-tidy but normally there are spider webs and stuff all over it.

My Onions are hanging up on either side of the window. My tools leaning on the wall and a box full of Pea sticks is underneath.

You can see in the garden that my Tomatoes are hanging on – leafless as they are. There are still a few ripe ones but I’ll probably have at least enough green ones to stock up on some Green Tomato Chutney. Just a little window (excuse the pun) into my world.

What does the view look like from your potting shed (or just shed).

7 Comments on “View From the Potting Shed

  1. Hmph. I have no shed, let alone a potting shed.

    Would dearly love a potting shed (even the name is wonderful). I shall not be envious of yours though (or rather I shall try really hard not to be!).

  2. I know how you feel – I’m envious of anyone with a greenhouse.

  3. I have a dense wall of pampas grass between the shed and the rest of the garden. It partially hides the (rather ugly, home made) shed when you look the other way from the house but also means that when I am in the shed I can’t be seen from outside and it is a bit like being in a world of my own for a while. Especially as I have finally cleared out the junk and put a chair in there.

  4. On the greenhouse front, I have always wanted one. The last time I replaced the roof I put up corrugated plastic as I thought it would last longer with the result that the shed doubles as a greenhouse now. The cats love it!

  5. I can see the new raised beds that we made, that are empty and waiting to be filled, though I have no where near enough compost ready. There are pots with baby Kale and Cabbage in, 3 big bags of chestnut leaves to be rotted down for leaf mould, a messy vine, that needs reigning in like you have done yours on MTP.

    I have taken a photo but not sure if I can post them here. Let me know.

    The spiders have all moved in for the winter so I am a bit dubious about staying in there too long as I suspect the meeces and other things have moved in too.

  6. You’re supposed to clean the window? I’ll try it. My brother’s shed is called The Potting Shed Arms so you can guess what he keeps in his!