Pot Up Some Parsley for Winter

Don’t forget to pot up some Parsley for Winter. Just dig up a few roots and pop them up in pots. Snip off half of the leaves so that they have chance to spring back and put them in your cold frame or greenhouse. There, they can over-winter and you’ll have Parsley all year round. Very useful for all those hearty Fish Pies I’m planning on making.

You can do the same with Mint, Oregano and Chives. Nothing like fresh Mint in your Mojito at Christmas huh?

8 Comments on “Pot Up Some Parsley for Winter

  1. I’m crying over my parsley this year. Great bushes of flat-leaved parsley are wilting because some rodent chews the roots off underground. I’ve had to freeze a lot for winter.

  2. Parsley is one plant that can be harvested even when it’s encrusted with frozen snow. I use it in the dead of winter to make taboulli salad.

  3. I don’t have a cold-frame or green house or anything (yes, poor me). Can I pot it up and put it on my kitchen window sill or will that be too warm? Thinking specifically of mint, really…

  4. here in oregon, the parsley will keep going strong even in the midst of winter. i love being able to snip off little bits of green goodness to add to pasta.

  5. Parsley survives the winter here in Rhode Island with very simple protection, a plastic dome or foam walls and plastic lid. It doesn’t grow much but provides a bit during the coldest part of the year and then grows in the spring. It will eventually go to seed but it takes up the slack before the new crop is ready to harvest.

  6. I find the parsley does pretty well left outside all winter in the ground, seems pretty hardy and usually pick the most during winter for stews etc. Based on the southern side of Isle of Wight so maybe a little milder here than on the mainland.