Photo Mission: Annual Veg Show

Our local village is celebrating the centenary of its annual flower show – and I’m planning to enter. I’m not sure what I’ll enter yet, it could be a vegetable or possibly some fruit, or even ‘a Floral Arrangement in a Wine Glass’, or I may convince Jackson to do an ‘Animal Using Veg, Fruit […]

Photo Mission Winner – Let’s Get Sowing

A little later than normal but here’s the winner of our last Photo Mission – Let’s Get Sowing. It’s a beautiful photo of some seeds about to be sowed by Nina Clarke. I particularly like the muted colours in the photo and the narrow depth of field that shows the different shapes and sizes of […]

Photo Mission: Let’s Get Sowing!

Well, I don’t know about you but I’m raring to go with the sowing already! I’ve ordered my seeds, polished my dibber and I’ve even cleared up the leaves. It’s show time. We’re fast approaching the time of year that every vegetable gardener loves, Spring. The weather is sunnier, the garden is calling and it’s […]

Baby It’s Cold Outside: Winner

The ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’ Photo Mission is over and it’s time to choose the winner. The quality of photos this time was AMAZING. I was truly wowed by some of the photos. You guys are good! But after some deliberation I chose the photo above, of some snow covered Kale, as the winner. It’s […]

Photo Mission: Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Ooooh baby, it’s cold outside. We’re having one of the coldest spells we’ve ever had here, with hard frosts at night and lots and lots of snow keeping the landscape looking more wintry than ever. Ahhh just what I like. It’s time to don your bob-hat and brave the cold because it’s photo mission time […]

Photo Misson: Summer Pairs

Here’s your next photo mission. Take a photo of your favourite summer pairings. It has to be something you grew (edible of course) paired with your favourite accompaniment. As you can see I like to settle down on my deck, in the evening, with a massive bowl of Strawberries and a glass of chilled rosé. […]

Your Photos from the Ground

‘Squash Seedlings’ by Heidi Lewis Thanks to everyone who submitted photos for the Photo Mission: Your Garden from the Ground. I received quite a lot of photos. I have chosen the best four and posted them below. I’m sure you’ll agree they are quite stunning. ‘Fava Jungle’ by David LaFerney ‘Red Onions’ by Francis Roundtree […]