Bye Bye Oak Leaf Triffids


How did they get that big? I knew that they went to seed. It seemed like it was about a month ago but then the next day they were this big! It’s time to clear up the Oakleaf Lettuce.


They did very well all Summer. We ate handfuls of lovely fresh Lettuce every day. And they held their own while other Lettuces lost it. When they did finally run away they performed another useful function in deterring Monty (our 8 month old, insane Great Dane puppy) from trampling that bit of the bed. He didn’t like them for some reason. Maybe it was because they were the same height as his head.


Now we have a fence (yes a fence, cemented into the ground!) to keep Monty where he should be so I have no need of my green barrier. Today they made their way to the compost pile and we said goodbye to garden Lettuce until next Spring. Bye bye OakLeaf Triffids.

3 Comments on “Bye Bye Oak Leaf Triffids

  1. Hello,

    Lovely pics, I’ve just found your blog, i’ll will be coming back again.

    The rubbish Gardener.

  2. Hi Caro – yes we still have our dog Freeway. Although if she carries on barking like she did last night for no ‘real’ reason then …