Sunshine Dried Spaghetti Squash


At the moment my greenhouse is home to a collection of Spaghetti Squash that I just harvested. It was one of the more successful plants I had from the curcubit family this year. The other one was Butternut Squash. But they are not quite ready yet.

I had two Spaghetti Squash plants placed pretty close together and I’ve harvested around eight squashes. When they are ready the stalk starts to die back a little and some of them actually detach themselves from the plants and just sit there in amongst the leaves that are wilting with the cold.

They start off a sort of pale lemon colour and as they ripen and the skins harden in the sun they go this lovely sunshine yellow. It’s a wonderful colour for Autumn.

And it’s nice to have something in the greenhouse again. It’s been far too empty for far too long.

7 Comments on “Sunshine Dried Spaghetti Squash

  1. Lovely. I had quite a few this year as well. In fact I blew one up in the microwave just the other day. Next time I will cook it properly, and not cut corners to save time. You can imagine how long it to me to clean the microwave! Hope you have a good week.

  2. Spaghetti squash usually does well here in the Netherlands, too. It seems to be easier to grow than other squashes. Butternut only sets a lot of fruit when we have a few weeks of really hot weather during the summer. The summers can be rather cold here but this year we had a proper heat wave and our butternut (Rugosa Violina Gioia) did well too. I enjoy the peek into gardening in a different climate that you provide :-)

  3. I grew striped spaghetti squashes last year, just two plants, but had a marvellous harvest. I think they’re one of my favourite veg as they store so well. In fact, I’ve just stuffed and roasted one of last year’s spaghetti squash for lunch today! It was delicious!