Florida Farmer’s Market

So…I’ll say this quickly… I just got back from a two week holiday in Florida. What can I say, it was gorgeous. No need for temperature details here but one thing I wanted to post about was this amazing farmer’s market that I went to in Orlando.

It was in the centre of the park, there was jazz music, tons of people baking yummy food and a myriad of stalls overflowing with Oranges, Lemons, all colours of Bell Peppers and hot Peppers and all sizes and shapes of Tomato – plus a few things that I’d never seen before, including a Pear-Apple hybrid!

The presentation – overflowing baskets – made me want to scoop up the whole lot and take it all home.

I like the fact that you were given a woven basket to shop with. I felt like the head cook of a stately house, browsing the kitchen garden and picking only the best produce for my recipe. Gorgeous!

19 Comments on “Florida Farmer’s Market

  1. Wow indeed.
    Makes me want to hop on a flight and catch some sun and warmth.

  2. Oh wow! Do you know where in Orlando? There are a few different farmer’s markets, but this one looks great! :)

  3. The colours are amazing. It really brings home how drab it is here at this time of year. Roll on spring.

  4. Rats! I lived in Lake Mary for a while and I never got wind of this. Wish I had. Those tomatoes do look very good. The closest I got was at my friend’s house when he offered me juice and then walked out to his back yard and took some clemantines off the bush and straight into the juicer. Yum. I guess not hearing about these markets is part of the joy of working in IT. All work and no play…
    At least I tried to walk Daytona Beach every Saturday. Happy days.

  5. Hi Nick, It’s at Lake Eola Park, every Sunday, so I believe. The fresh squeezed orange juice was amazing too.

  6. My mouth is watering just looking at the pictures. It’s too much for a cold February day in Britain. Those fruits are just to dream of at this time of the year.

  7. I love farmers markets. I live in Winchester which has a great one twice a month. Won the 2011 Farmers Market of the year too. Whoop for Winchester!
    I think if we had Florida temperatures and woven baskets to shop with as well as the great food i might just die and go to foodie heaven.

  8. Great photos – a visual treat on a snowy day like today – 8 inches last night and another 18 to 24 inches today! Love the blog..

  9. I used to live in Winchester – I can vouch for the farmer’s market, normailtyandme!

    My mother had one of those trees that are a cross between pears and apples. They are lovely. She called it Asian Pear. The crops on it were enormous, far greater than on a pear tree. I used them to make wine, as well as pies etc.

  10. I don’t want to disappoint you, folks, but what you see is not locally produced. It is stuff imported from Mexico and further south. This winter is one of the coldest in Florida on record. And yes, you can have early tomatoes and peppers in Florida. Early June, not early February.

  11. Wow, all that produce looks amazing! I don’t care if it comes from Mexico. It’s just the inspiration needed to get going here at this time of year.

  12. Look at that presentation! Only the Americans can it like that. We were in New England during fall, and their roadside displays of squashes, pumpkins and chrysanthemums nearly made us crash the car!

  13. I was just saying to my boyfriend that the People’s Supermarket should display their produce like this. It would be like a food shop equivalent of lush.