Coldframe Lettuce

The Lettuce in my coldframe are romping away. All this mild weather has confused them and encouraged them to put on a growth spurt. But I don’t want them to get too big just now.

Hopefully the weather will settle down a bit into a more wintry pattern and they will slow down a bit. I want nice large heads in Spring next year not salad ready in time for Christmas!

9 Comments on “Coldframe Lettuce

  1. They look lovely — I’ve never done cold frame planting before. Maybe one day!

  2. My crops have been slowing down dramatically, even in my cold frames. Try some partial shading to limit the light, maybe that will slow them down. George

  3. I’ve got Winter Marvel under glass as they did wonders last year during that really cold icy weather. What variety are yours?

  4. Such lovely photos as well, I leave mine out on the mini greenhouse and then cover with fleece and waterproof cover when it’s really bad. My hubby thinks I’m strange for liking lettuce and salad through winter.

  5. Great blog with lovely pictures, ‘a journey to a dream’ recommended your site. Lettuce is one of my favorite things to grow, it’s an essential for any respectable sandwich! I tried lambs lettuce once, not impressed, I think I’ll stick with the old classic!

  6. Good luck with your lettuce. I have just set up a small greenhouse to try to grow some winter vegetables.
    Very small greenhouse – plastic stretched on a metal frame. I can stand up in it and reach out my arms and touch each side! Right now our weather is variable – warm one day. then a cold rain, and chilly the next day. Then the cycle repeats itself!

  7. I’m thinking of doing a similar project – what variety of lettuce are you using?