Mini ‘Corn Salad’ Lettuces

At this time of year I like to cut my Corn Salad as mini-Lettuces and eat them whole. They are an excellent size for one. I’ve been eating them leaf by leaf for the last few months but now I need the space for something else and so I’m clearing them and eating them one […]

The Cycle of Fresh Leaves

I’ve been enjoying lots and lots of fresh greens from my greenhouse over the past month. There’s really nothing better than cutting a colander full of leaves and eating them right away. But the Rocket (Arugula) has started to go to seed and is coming to the end of its usefulness. So I sowed some […]

Marvel of the Four Seasons

This is our first real harvest. We’ve had a few Spinach leaves but once the Lettuce start coming in, I consider the season to be well and truly underway. This is one of my Marvel of the Four Seasons lettuce. It was planted at the same time as the Rouge d’Hiver but is ready sooner. […]

Coldframe Lettuce

The Lettuce in my coldframe are romping away. All this mild weather has confused them and encouraged them to put on a growth spurt. But I don’t want them to get too big just now. Hopefully the weather will settle down a bit into a more wintry pattern and they will slow down a bit. […]

This Years Lettuce

Here are my smart new Lettuce varieties that I’m growing for the first time this year. Above is Reine de Glaces, an iceberg type, crispy sort with spiky leaves. Very fresh. This one is called Really Red and is not quite big enough to cut yet as it needs to heart up a bit more. […]

Tom Thumb Lettuce

One of my favourite Lettuces to grow is Tom Thumb. It’s a butterhead type with nice tight, bright green leaves and it tastes lovely with a good mustardy dressing. One of the reasons I like it so much, apart from the taste, is that it looks so neat in the garden! Some of the Lettuces […]

Lettuce: My Garden Hero

This is a photo of one of my Tom Thumb lettuces. For me, Lettuce is the backbone of any kitchen garden. It’s such a versatile crop, and it can make the difference between a lackluster, patchy garden and an oasis of wow-ness (I made that word up, can you tell?). Firstly, it’s super easy to […]

79 Lettuce

I counted the lettuce today and we have seventy-nine. Well actually seventy-seven after today because we ate two at a ‘4th of July’ bar-b-que. Some would say that’s too many (like my Dad) but I’m not so sure. They’re not all the same variety. Around 40 of them are Little Gem in varying degrees of […]

Week 12

This week has been pretty slow on mtp. Apart from the fact that Ryan and I were away this weekend on ‘bonafide’ minibreak in Stratford (and to watch this– it was amazing). The main reason is the weather, it’s so unpredicatable. Tonight I had planned to spend some time at the plot watering, weeding and […]