Garden in Full Swing

A few of you have been asking for an updated photo of the garden – well here it is. We’re in full swing here at mtp. The Peas have come and gone, we’re one row of potatoes down and currently munching through our 50th lettuce (or thereabouts). Everything is going really well with the new design. I have more than enough room to grow everything I want to – maybe just a smidgeon more lettuce? No?

Things that have gone well: Runner Beans looking fab on old-fashioned bean-poles, Sweetpeas that smell gorgeous, the biggest Strawberries in-the-world, Tomato jungle, Mange Tout for the first time, the promise of some corking Sweetcorn and 8 Queen Cox apples (still) on the apple tree!

Things that have gone ‘um’ not so well: Peas taking over the garden, ants eating the Pear buds (if I ‘ever’ find out where they live…), no Redcurrants ( I know not why), some onions going to seed, the usual Cauliflower debacle. 

Other than that my garden, like Mary Poppins, is practically perfect in every way and I love it.

15 Comments on “Garden in Full Swing

  1. I was just poised to comment on how redcurrants fruit on the old wood, (that is last years and 2-3 year old spurs) and therefore need different pruning to black and white currants which fruit in new wood, wne I thought I had better just check my facts…

    A quick googling took me directly back here to a previous MTP post on growing currants…..Doh!

    ….eggs and the sucking thereof springs to mind!


  2. Thanks for the pointers Greenmantle. The bush is new and so I didn’t expect many redcurrants this year (although a few more than none!). I had been spoiled when I had the allotment because there were 6 or 7 big bushes that were just covered in currants every year.

    I plan to prune this bush at the end of the summer so fingers crossed for next year.

  3. Looking great and very productive. I look forward to your updates and your web site has kept me going with my first small vegetable patch in my own garden and my attempt at growing veg for the first time. Thank you.

  4. The garden is looking very good – and it would be very unnatural not to have a few of disasters and failures in the vegetable department!

  5. Pic isnt big enough so cant see how you’ve organized your garden.
    Is there a more detailed plan even?

  6. What IS the usual cauliflower debacle? I’m interested as I’m growing them for the first time this year – well, I’m growing vegetables for the first time this year!

  7. I’m jealous of that beautiful yard. My garden is looking crazy right now and I think I’m going to refer to 2008 as the year without tomatoes. :(

  8. Oh it’s so pretty! I love the way it’s laid out with the patio set in the center. What a great place to spend time.

  9. Thursday – the usual Cauliflower is a range of problems that beset my Cauliflowers. Namely, the Cabbage White Not forgetting of course the club root, the slugs, and general poor performance of anything starting with Cauli and ending in Flower here at mtp.

    This year is no different, despite being in a new garden – so the only common denominator is err… me! Great.

  10. Your garden is so beautiful, it has made my newly drawn up garden plan look very shabby. Back to the drawing board!

  11. Looking really good, i’ve just moved to a new house and can’t decide what layout to go with. Like you i don’t have a large space so I’m going to have to maximize whats there. Thanks for posting, it has given me some nice ideas.

  12. Wow. Such a beautiful garden. After all that work we do on our garden it would be such a pleasure to look at this. Good Post. Super Like.

  13. Your Garden looks wonderful. Gardening is such a beautiful thing especially when you see results. Upload more photos if possible. Great Job.