Greenhouse Beginnings

A very inauspicious beginning to my beautiful greenhouse. These concrete slabs will eventually be lovely, brick walls. And the greenhouse on top of them will blend seamlessly in to its surroundings.

Unlike this base which seems to be the antithesis of lovely right now. One day it will be as gorgeous as this.

6 Comments on “Greenhouse Beginnings

  1. I’m loving your fence! Also loving what you’re doing with the garden and enjoy no end reading your blog.

    MizK (from Australia)

  2. Look forward to the progress – and thanks for links to ‘gorgeous as this’. Ooh have enjoyed these!

  3. Oh the anticipation and excitement!! You lucky lucky girl! I’ve dreamt, lusted, desired and needed a greenhouse for so long so I”m very very jealous! Savour every moment of its creation and share your dreams and pics of how it will look when it’s finished. xxx

  4. Amazing start. Great to see someone doing a good job, and looking forward to seeing the progress. I think we, in the UK, could learn something from your careful preparation!

    Good luck with the rest of the build