Early Morning Christmas

I woke up early this morning. Around six actually. I was woken by a small boy in my bed asking me to, ‘find his blanky’. Well, I couldn’t refuse and so up I got. When we came downstairs the sun was just coming up and the sky was a perfect dark blue. So we did the only thing we could do, we turned on all the Christmas lights snuggled and watched Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmas (again). And it was lovely.

The strange light outside made all the decorations look different.

These are my Simpich Dolls which were a gift from my husband’s mum. She had been collecting them for years. They make me think of Dickensian London.

This is some mistletoe that our neighbour gave me. I love the Scandinavian style ribbon on it. And the candle is a Christmas spice that I bought from a friend’s daughter.

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