Landscaping – Day Nine


The landscaping is nearly finished. The middle seating area is all finished – and doesn’t it look gorgeous? All that’s left to do is to pound down the gravel in the remaining pathways and it’s all finished. By the end of tomorrow it will be planting time! I can’t wait.

9 Comments on “Landscaping – Day Nine

  1. I think you guys should get a webcam setup here to show future progress – whaddya reckon?

  2. So lovely. And it will be so much better with plants in. If it were mine I don’t think I would be able to stop stroking it!

  3. I heard about MTP from Emma’s AKG podcast and have been by (and read the entire) site over the past week; the garden layout is wonderful (I like how you shrunk the seating area for more planting space) and I like how it’s coming along (am thinking of sketching up a similar design for my backyard ). :)

  4. Okay. Okay. I’ll say what I know you’re dying to hear…

    I’m green with envy. It looks bloody marvelous!

  5. have really enjoyed reading your blog. what are the actual dimentions of you plot ???

  6. Hi Ali, My garden is 13 metres long by 8 metres wide. Hope that helps.