Yay! It’s finished


The garden is finished! Look at all that lovely bare soil just begging for some plants. Now we can get on with the best bit. I’ll try to keep posting photos regularly once I start the planting but it might be slightly more erratic since the planting may be done in fits and starts. But anyway I’ll keep you posted on how it’s coming along.

22 Comments on “Yay! It’s finished

  1. It looks FABULOUS!!! Yeah!! You must feel so proud. Can’t wait to see all the beautiful veggies and such!!

  2. This series of posts has been so cool! I couldn’t wait to see the finished project. You should post before and after pictures so we can remember what it used to be like, and be jealous of you for the awesome setup you have now!

  3. That looks great, makes me want to go out and plant things! Looking forward to seeing it flourishing in the summer.

  4. Thanks everyone. I went out and bought some plants today so the planting will start in earnest tomorrow – weather permitting!

  5. Congratulations! I’ve been following along, and it’s so exciting to see the new potential!

  6. It just snowed another two feet here today, bringing the total to 10 feet (a 30 year record). Yesterday I awoke to temperatures of -32. To say I am jealous would be an understatement of epic proportions.

  7. wow ! wow ! wow! that looks so great those landscapers are real pro’s.

  8. Will be very interesting to watch the transformation from Great looking but stark to Great Looking and colorful

  9. What great plot design to gain access to your vegetables in all four corners of your garden. We tried the same thing last year in a slightly different way but with great success. All we need now is sun

  10. hi, love it and have started a garden too. what’s type of gravel did you use?