Landscaping – Day Seven


Today the gravel arrived. As you can see the gravel was added to the pathways – although looks like there’s more to go in there as the membrane is still showing in parts. The middle square is to be laid with bricks over the coming days. We bought some bagged manure, three bags for each bed. I’m hoping this will go some way to improving the soil. However, we won’t be digging that in until the building work is done. I also bought two Blueberry bushes at the weekend too!

3 Comments on “Landscaping – Day Seven

  1. We’re in the process of buying house with a decent sized garden (just around the 200 square meter mark, by my rough measurements), so I’m watching this with great interest. What kind of soil do you have there, and how deep?

  2. Hi Drew,
    How exciting for you – there’s nothing better than getting your hands on a nice bit of land which you can call your own.

    My soil is sadly lacking at the moment and will need some TLC if it’s to produce a good harvest. When we moved into the house it was clear that the garden hadn’t been tended for a few years.

    The soil is less than 30cm deep in parts (however some beds are deeper) with a layer of sandstone just below that. Our plan is to build the beds up (which we’ve already started on with the building work) and fill them with new soil, enriched with manure.

    We’ll be making our own compost so we’ll add that too, and I’ll be doing all the usual stuff like growing green manures and adding blood, fish & bone, wood ash, and chicken pellets at various times of the year. So hopefully we will end up with something a lot better than what we have now.

    My soil right now is naturally slightly alkaline.

  3. Its amazing how quickly the plot has been transformed. I bet you are itching to start planting. Do you waunder around the garden visualising all the lovely crops that will appear later in the year?