Landscaping – Day Six


The landscapers don’t work at the weekends so they won’t be doing anything until Monday now. This is the last shot of the garden before they left on Friday afternoon. As you can see they have cleared all the rubbish away, dug over three of the beds and dug out the pathway at the end of the garden ready for the gravel which will be delivered next week. On Monday they will start to lay the bricks in the centre square to make the seating area. For me, it’s down to the garden centre to check out some plants!

4 Comments on “Landscaping – Day Six

  1. It must be so exciting to see the garden take shape! This will be a lovely place. Can’t wait to see what plants will go in there.

  2. Just found your blog looking for information on creating a cutting garden. The landscaping looks like a major project!

  3. Looks absolutely brilliant – i’m sure with your expert planting it will great all year round – something i need to work on! You’re now doing the best bit – buying in bulk at garden centres..oh the joy! Can I come…? :o)