Let the planting commence


Started the planting yesterday. You can see in the photo that we’ve planted Box bushes in each corner, with some, as yet tiny, Lavender bushes as company. In the bottom left-hand bed you can see a row of Raspberry canes (Autumn Bliss), a Blackcurrant bush (Ben Conan), a small patch of strawberry plants (can’t remember what variety), two Spinach plants and a row of extremely healthy garlic plants.
In the right-hand bed you can see the beginnings of my herb patch (Rosemary, Thyme, Sage and Chives). Against the wall on the far left corner is my small but perfectly formed Peach tree (Peregrine). And right at the end of the middle pathway my two Blueberry Bushes (Chandler – could I be any more blue? – actually have to give Ryan credit for that one!) waiting for their pots.
After a trip to the garden centre today, there should be some stakes and wires going up tomorrow for the Raspberries and Pear trees (on order). It’s all happening now!

10 Comments on “Let the planting commence

  1. Yay! Planting in a new garden is so much fun. I hope you enjoy the rest of the planting!

  2. I wish I’d done a day by day photo with the Veg Plot! Well done, I’ve really enjoyed the updates.

  3. Your landscaping project is lovely. I particularly like the central square and look forward to seeing the planting developing.

  4. I just happened to check your blog after not reading garden blogs all winter. I knew someone must be doing something. Wow! You have really done something. I can hardly wait to be able to check on your progress thorughout this gardning season. Beautiful job you did.

  5. Oh no were is that beautiful arbour now – it took years to get it into the state it was in :>)
    Dad told me about this site so I thought I would check it out, well done it looks ready for some “Gill touch” now – one question tho -were is the barby gonna be for all of the real meat burgers you will need to cook for us when we come see the extracted bump?

    See you when the weather gets better, Ste!

  6. What a great garden this will be! And it’s a wonderful mix of fruits and vegetables and flowers you’ve planned. I’ve just recently found mtp and have been reading through archives. Thanks for treating us to seeing the new garden in development! I’m so jealous of your ready to plant beds. Can you tell me please which way is South in your garden?

  7. Hi Colleen,

    Thanks for the kind words. The garden is not directly south or north facing. However the high wall (along the left hand side) is directly South West facing.

  8. Blimey, I’ve missed a few postings and come back and find this amazing transformation – it looks great!