My Garden Then and Now


Spring is really here in Portland. Today was the last frost day and although temperatures are not soaring it’s a great turning point for a gardener new to the area like me. This is how my kitchen garden is coming along. I planted a row of Box bushes to define the edges (and keep the kids and dog off the soil). And then I sowed lots of rows of cool season crops like Radish, Spinach, Arugula (Rocket) and Peas. They have all come up beautifully and have really filled out the whole area under the greenhouse window. I couldn’t resist the sky blue bistrot set infront of the greenhouse. That spot gets the evening sun and is perfect for a nice chilled glass of wine after the kids go to bed.


You can see from this photo that back in February the tree in the background had hardly any leaves, now it is lush and green. And the blossom has bloomed on the peachy-coloured Dogwood next to it. Also the Grape Hyacinth bulbs around the fountain have sprouted and are about to flower.


The weather is still very wet. As I’m speaking there is a serious deluge outside. But the garden is being planted up bit by bit. In the foreground here I have various types of Lettuce, Peas, Cauliflower, Chard and Kale. Also a small Strawberry patch on the left.


It’s a far cry from how the garden looked in the middle of February when the landscaping was finally finished! Hooray! A garden at last. It feels like forever that things were growing here.

8 Comments on “My Garden Then and Now

  1. The paths are absolutely beautiful. The greenhouse is very handsome, it must be a lovely place to look out and see how the garden is taking shape. Happy gardening and best wishes.

  2. Your garden looks stunning – what a great blank canvas to start with, and it’s only going to get better as it fills up with plants. Looking forward to seeing it develop – Good luck!

  3. OH!! How I MISS having a green space! I’ve recently relocated from Victoria BC to Toronto ON and BLECH! hahahaha… i have ZERO space to grow outdoors, almost nothing indoors and I miss it so so so much.

    I’d love it if you stop by for our real food linky party tomorrow – The Wednesday Fresh Foods Link Up. If not, no pressure, that’s cool. But your blog would fit right in :)

    Again – so stoked for your garden!!

    xo, Kristy

  4. Looking good! Love the neat little box hedge and the planting around the fountain is so cute. Particularly love the gorgeous greenhouse though – think I got a case of total greenhouse envy :)

  5. Your garden is looking fab. I look forward to your email updates. I’ve added your web site to my Pinterest Starting a Garden board (Shared) so you should see some extra traffic this week! Amanda x

  6. I love your greenhouse you are giving me ideas for my garden good luck and best wishes with it Catherine