Starting a New Herb Bed


Since my garden is brand new this season I had no herb garden. In my last garden I had a lovely herb patch that was in constant use so I thought it was about time to start a new one.


I’m not super adventurous when it comes to using herbs. I like the standard ones like Bay, Thyme, Marjoram, Oregano, Parsley, Sage, Coriander, Chives, Rosemary and later on Basil etc Which is actually quite a lot to be growing in one roughly 8 foot by 5 foot bed.


You’ll notice there is no Mint on the list. I love Mint but it is invasive and so I won’t be growing it here with the others. Besides, I have a huge patch of it on the parking strip outside our garden which is so wild I have to cut it with a weed strimmer once a year. So I think I’m good for Mint!


One thing I’ve learned about growing herbs is that they are not too picky when it comes to soil or position. Average, gravelly soil will do, no need to give them the good stuff. And a position with some sun, maybe half day, is fine too. They love to be hacked about a bit and when you cut them to eat them it’s like they get a mini prune every couple of weeks. They respond by putting on more growth. An ideal partnership really.


The tags I’m using are metal ones from Alitags. I have a letter punch to mark out the names but because they are metal they should last for years and become a little less shiny with age.

Most of these are small plants that I bought from the nursery. At this time of year you can pick them up quite cheaply. I did grow some from seed – the Coriander, Basil and Chives just because I’ll be using a lot of these and I needed lots of plants.

I’m also branching out into Asian herbs since I love Thai food. I sowed some Shiso, and was given a Lemongrass to propagate (more on that later – if it works!). I’ve also got my eye on a Kaffir Lime leaf bush which will need to go into a pot and overwinter in the greenhouse.

11 Comments on “Starting a New Herb Bed

  1. Hello – fab pics, your herbs look great. Love those tags! I’m using craft lollipop sticks and the ‘permanent’ ink is disappearing already.

  2. I made a herb bed on my allotment last year, and they seem to be doing quite well despite last years wet weather and this years late spring.
    I grow my mint in pots, because as you say, it’s so invasive.
    Love those labels…might have to look out for some like that myself :0)

  3. Oops – Might need to make a new label for the MaRjoram.

  4. Growing herbs is a great idea, apart from vegetables. I also have a garden at my home, where I primarily grow vegetables, there are couple of fruit trees and yes coriander and mint are always there.

    Your garden looks more orderly, properly labelled. How big it is? do you grow vegetables also?

  5. Must be fantastic being able to start a garden from scratch. Re the mint – if it grows right next to a parking strip, doesn’t it get an awful lot of car exhaust fumes all the time? I grow mine in a bucket like lynda.

  6. You are right not to include mint – I spent almost a whole morning this week digging a huge one out of my new allotment. And I have a feeling I still haven’t seen the last of it…

  7. hello, i am from hk
    i really want to grow sweet pea currunt tomato.
    would you mind send me some seeds?
    i will exchange some of tge seeds to you

  8. Hi Linda – I would but I’m not sure I’m supposed to send seeds to different countries. I’m sure you can buy them online somewhere though.

  9. I grew Lemon grass from seed last year, very successfully. I also transplanted a root from my sister in portugal. Unfortunately they do not survive the winter here in the Czech Republic, but they were dead easy to propogate.