It Must be Christmas because…

…my snow village is out. When I packed up all the delicate little boxes last year, knowing that they would have to make the long and bumpy ride to America on a container ship, I feared for them. I’ve made one every year for the last few years and while I’m handy with a pair of scissors and some glue I’m no miniature model-maker. So as you can imagine they are pretty but not too sturdy.

When I unpacked them here they were in perfect shape. Like they had never been on a journey at all. I had to buy some more twinkly lights to go underneath the snow, since the old ones had a UK plug on, and I had to re-apply some spray snow here and there to touch up the gaps. But other than that they look very at home on our new book shelf.

Infact… the new bookshelf is so long that the snow village could safely double in size and still fit. So I’m looking forward to a few more years of sticking and gluing and spraying. Last year we made this little snowy cottage. This year I’ve got my sights on something a little grander. Maybe a turret or two? We’ll see.

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2 Comments on “It Must be Christmas because…

  1. Your Christmas scenes look absolutely wonderful -I can’t believe you made them out of cardboard boxes as they look so professional. I look forward to seeing the display grow year on year. Hope you all have a very Happy Christmas in your new home and garden. x