Jackson’s Actual Garden

Honestly, I never thought the day would come, but Jackson actually does have his own garden. Despite writing a book about his garden he never really had one until now. You know how it is with little ones – in the beginning they just eat dirt, then they try to choke themselves on stones, then they take great delight in digging up what you have just planted.

Then they discover seeds, how to eat and throw them (Radish coming up through the cracks in the pavement!). At about two years old he discovered tools. He had is own miniature set but no, he wanted mine.

When they find the power of speech they ask, ‘what’s this?’ (holding a Tomato plant by its roots) and then later on ‘is it growing yet?’ (holding Pea seedling in similar way).

All of this is fun and can be called ‘gardening’. But actually growing something, leaving it in the ground, watering it and checking on it every day – hmmm… not so much.

Until now that is! Jackson sowed some Peas and he ‘actually’ left them in the ground. He sowed some Lettuce in a tray and ‘transplanted’ them to his garden – oh okay I did it, but he watched and understood what I was doing.

Last week we went to the garden centre, he choose some seeds (Radish – good choice), we sowed them, they germinated and today we ‘thinned’ them. And yes he did it all by himself this time!

I ‘actually’ have a little gardener on my hands and he’s only three. I’m so proud of him :)

8 Comments on “Jackson’s Actual Garden

  1. My dad died when I was about 9, but I vividly remember helping him in the greenhouse. Sewing, transplanting, mixing compost, cleaning pots. I still love my gardening and my favourite is propogating new plants, and I thank my dad for this. I think Jackson will remember these days for the rest of his life, and thank you too!

  2. This is a lovely post! And picture. I have wonderful memories too, of being in the greenhouse, planting and watching things grow – my mother explaining about cabbage white butterfly and the smell of compost and seedlings. What a wonderful time – for you both.

  3. Aww lovely post, I do the same with my little brother love it when they just constantly ask questions and its good to see them learning from it, Im sure jackson’s loving his mini garden alot.

  4. Our youngest (5) is a very keen helper and has some stamina too! Nothing better than gardening with a few little ones about. I think it’s a really useful thing to show young children as there’s something very real and grounding about it.

  5. My most precious childhood memories are of time spent in our garden – just pottering (and eating). How lovely that you are sharing your pleasure, passion and skills with your son.

  6. lovely blog here, I try to be a good gardener, but I don’t fully understand what I’m doing, its wonderful that your little boy is joining in with you, all mine help in the garden too, and my eldest are older now so do actually like to see things grow and then get to eat the fruits of their labour :D