Our Street Party

Just a few photos from our Royal Wedding Street party yesterday.

Here is the table before the guests arrived. We did a pot-luck style food arrangement where everyone brought a dish.

We cooked some Pie Minister Wills & Kate pies! They were yum.

We had Strawberries, lots of Strawberries!

And the children waved their flags like crazy. And yes, this mummy cried at least once during the wedding. It’s simply not a wedding without tears.

What did you do for the Royal Wedding?

13 Comments on “Our Street Party

  1. I watched it on tv, then went to visit a garden with a friend in the afternoon, then came home and watched it again. Super day. Love your photos.

  2. We watched, walked, and BBQ’d, a perfect day!
    We felt very British, and yes, a bit emotional too.

  3. how wonderful ! I spent the day at work, but watched the highlights yesterday evening. Truely great day and made me very pround to be British :)

  4. We went to the bun throwing in Abingdon but didn’t even get a sniff at a bun. Very disappointing. I went and bought my own buns in the end!

  5. I so very much wanted a street party but there were none nearby – infact a lack of interest it seemed across the whole town. Boring!

    In my house however, we watched the wedding, had even more Union Jacks out than normal & I baked a cake so we gorged on that and really enjoyed the day. I have a much renewed interest now in the Royal Family.

    Love your pics.


  6. I visited London with one of my daughters and friends. We arrived at Hyde Park at 6.30 in the morning, having decided that the pavements were already too cramped to camp out the night before. I have never been to any of the weddings or State Occasions and decided it was about time I did. It was a wonderful day and the atmosphere was ‘Party’. Although we didn’t see Kate and Wills in the flesh, I managed by sheer luck, to get a photo of them as they drove up the Mall to Clarence House for a rest. I was standing in about the tenth line back on the Mall and when I heard the gasps of surprise as Kate and Wills approached, I held my camera aloft and snapped. One of my pictures caught both of them smiling and looking so happy. Such a memorable day and I am glad I made the effort to go up to London. It was interseting to see how many young people, in their twenties and thirties, were out and enjoying the occasion as well.

  7. We travelled down to my brother and sister in-laws in Horsham for their street party. Despite being quite cynical about the wedding itself beforehand (thanks for the day off but really, do I know you?) I found myself watching and smiling and feeling quite proud to be British in the end. Great party too! :)

  8. We had a street party, it was a fab day, lots of fun and party food. We played party games and the kids loved the freedom of having scooter races up and down the street. They loved it and it’s a shame we can’t have it every year.

  9. i woke up at 3 am, here in houston, tx.. and watched the ceremony with a friend on the phone and a cup of hot chocolate in my hand. i cried several times.. we don’t do things that big here in texas, or the U.S. for that matter. it was a beautiful, fairytale wedding.