Packaging Ideas for Jackson’s Garden

Three copies of my book arrived a couple of days ago. They are just the early copies before the main shipment arrives next week. I’ve been testing out some packaging ideas, as you can see. I wanted to create a natural look and ensure that most of the materials are compostable too. But I also wanted to give the feel of receiving a vintage style, gardening package. A bit like how I imagine ordering seeds would have been in the 50s.

As it turns out I can’t send straw, and for very good reason. So I decided to create some ‘straw-like’ material out of kraft paper. So the book will be packed in this. Then I thought it would be nice to wrap each book up like a present and tie it with garden twine, old-school parcel style. This is an example of the books that will be sent out with seeds (European countries)…

…and here’s an example of those that will be sent out with stickers (outside Europe). All of this means that I’ll be busy wrapping and tying packages. But I think it’s worth it to get that ‘garden’ feel.

The books won’t ship until after April 20th but you can pre-order them now from my Jackson’s Garden Etsy page and I’ll get them out as soon as I can. If anyone has any great packaging ideas or sources then I’d love to know about it. Maybe, I could do something completely different for book two.

18 Comments on “Packaging Ideas for Jackson’s Garden

  1. I think your packaging ideas are ace and just wanted to wish you well in this endeavour. Job well done!!

  2. Look’s great, best of luck, I’m sure people will be queuing up to order their copy!

  3. You’ve put a lot of thought into every part of the book. Hope it sells well for you.

  4. Hi mtp – how much will these books cost if I order one? I am in Oldham nr Manchester UK

  5. It looks lovely – well done! are the book pages thick or normal paper (just thinking for my little one). Also have you thought of packing in shredded newspaper (like you have done with the craft paper but even more eco friendly being paper that has already been used for a purpose being used again and then composted).

    Well done – you may find an order from me soon :-)

  6. Looks wonderful! I sometimes wrap presents up in old Beano comics – but I guess that might look a bit to recycled!

    You’re very talented!

  7. Oh I think you have done a great job of packaging. Can you remember getting a parcel or hand written letter in the post as a kid and being thrilled!!! This is going to be an awesome business for you and I’m a big fan and customer of Etsy. Congratulations and best of wishes, UDG

  8. I love it :)

    To ask a silly question.. what sort of age is this kind of book aimed at? (I have nephews, but don’t see them often, so I have no clue about these things!). Would it be suitable for a 5 yr old?

  9. Hi Sarah, I’ve aimed it at any child 2+. Jackson is 2 and he loves it but he’s not old enough to understand how to grow and sow the seeds so I think it will appeal to older kids too.

  10. Great packaging look. I used to wrap books like this to send but had awful problems with the weather. The packaging got very wet and ruined a few books

    Had to go back to traditional wrapping and an extra plastic bag to ensure that the books arrived dry & intact. Would love a more eco way as I recycle every thing or compost what I can


  11. Looks good.

    Watch out for that twine stuff, on the packaging of some I noted:”treated to prevent rodent damage” …..uh with what – it did not say! Presumably with healthy natural chemicals ……


  12. That looks lovely!

    Out of interest why can’t you send straw? The company that my grandparents use to send Christmas hapmpers pack the food in straw and post it.

    Also, have you thought of opening a Folksy shop too? I have only ever bought one thing from Esty but bought most of my Christmas presents and presents through the year from Folksy

  13. I think your book looks fantastic. Love the packaging. I hope sales are going well. I’m thinking of including a page for Christmas presents on my site – this would be a good addition. Do you want to contact me to discuss it?