All the Things I Did on a Gorgeous Sunny Spring Day!

There’s nothing like a sunny day to give you a kick start in the garden. Today, was glorious and I managed to get all the jobs on my list done and checked off. The first ones to benefit were my Tomato seedlings who spent the whole day outside soaking up the rays.

The Cauliflowers that I’ve been hardening off for the last week also went in the ground.

And I took the plunge and transfered my Winter Lettuce from the coldframe to the soil. Although, I did cover them with some fleece just incase it gets chilly tonight.

Jackson followed me around the garden all day with a dustpan and brush, shouting, ‘mess!’ and attempting to sweep up after me – awww! I’ve taught him well :)

I also planted my Potatoes and sowed some Courgettes, Pumpkins, more Lettuce, Parsley, Beetroot and Sunflowers. Phew! time for a cup of tea and a sit down, I think.

10 Comments on “All the Things I Did on a Gorgeous Sunny Spring Day!

  1. I feel quite jealous, I have been stuck working in front of a computer all day…very frustrating…glad to see someone got to put this lovely weather to good use!

  2. We are still waiting for autumn in Melbourne Australia to show its autumn colours. we have had more than 120 days without the max temperature dropping below 20C. Try growing your tomatoes upside down in a pot and hang them to save plot space. Make a hole in a bucket and poke the top of tomato plant through. Top up with soil. You can then slide the bucket handle onto a rod and slide it around during the day to get more sunlight. saves the plant from nematodes too.
    You might also consider stacking some of your beds to get more into your plot and using old mirrors on walls and fences can reflect extra light into your garden.
    Lovely to see people feeding their families from the garden and teaching their little ones the joys of the earth.

  3. What a great day, our tulips have finally started to bloom, more sunshine please!

  4. its on lovely spring days like this that we remember why we became gardeners in the first case! Could Jackson come and tidy up my garden?

  5. It’s amazing what you can get done as soon as we get some good weather. Long may it continue.

  6. I took today off work and have been doing that sort of thing too. I wish one of my kids would follow me around clearing up – sadly it always seems to be me doing the following and clearing.

  7. Your photos are lovely and very inspirational. I am hoping to prick out some seedlings today and pot some dahlia tubers in the greenhouse to give them a start. I have zillions having gone mad in Lidl cos they were so cheap.
    I have 5 kids and only 1 sadly prepared to follow me around the garden. Make the most of it!