Planting School Peas


A couple of weeks ago I took some potting soil and some Peas (Oregon Trail) and I helped the kids in Jackson’s kindergarden class sow some Peas for the school garden. Each of them wrote their name on a tag (no mean feat for a 5 year old!) and popped some Peas into a nodule, then watered their newly-planted seed. They were all very excited and have asked me ‘if their Peas are growing yet’ several times.

The answer is yes! They are growing. Safely tucked up in my greenhouse they are putting on a spurt and will need to go into the ground soon.

So cute!

4 Comments on “Planting School Peas

  1. This is a wonderful idea! Are the kids getting there plants back or are you keeping them at your alotment to grow? I bet they really enjoyed planting them.

  2. This sounds like a lot of fun! It definitely beats growing the same old boring bean sprouts in cups like I had to when I was in kindy.

  3. The kids will be planting their Pea spouts in the school garden – probably next week. So I’ll be taking them back to the school then.