Garden Diary – Last Week of March


18th March 2014
In Greenhouse
– sowed Lettuce (Garnet Rose)
– sowed Lettuce (Rouge D’Hiver)
– sowed Lettuce (Tom Thumb)
– sowed Poppy (Lauren’s Grape)
– sowed Salvia (Inky Blue)
– potted on Cabbage (Parel)
In Garden
– planted Onion Sets (White Onion)

away for Spring Break

29th March 2014
In Greenhouse
– potted on Tomatoes (Black Krim)
– potted on Tomatoes (Sun Gold)
– potted on Artichoke (Green Globe)
– potted up Grape cuttings (Cascade)
– sowed Cilantro/Coriander (Long Standing)
– sowed Hollyhock (Watchman)

In Garden
– Re-planted Onion Sets (White Onion) – birds!

31st March 2014
In Greenhouse
– sowed English Daisy

In Garden
– hardening off Kale (Scarlet)
– hardening off Sweet Peas

3 Comments on “Garden Diary – Last Week of March

  1. Just caught up on the last 3 posts and must say its all bloomin fabulous and exciting to read about! Keep up the good fight against the box blight, box hedging is the best! Love the marathon seed planting too – this is the best time of theyear :)

  2. I started to sow my seeds alot earlier than was best – around end of Feb. I now have my windowsills full of plants eagerly waiting to be able to go outside. On the warmer days i have been letting them sit in the sun. I only have a small area so limited to what i can grow :) Newbie gardener so a lot to learn – your blog will be very helpful.

  3. Hi Kassie,

    It’s not too late to start sowing all over again. I just sowed some Lettuce, Herbs, and Peas today.