My Tiny Seedlings


The number of seedlings in my greenhouse is increasing a pace. There are still two weeks to go here until the risk of frost is gone and so I’m keeping most of them indoors until then. I have started sowing the more delicate crops like Cucumber, Squash and Melon and these already need potting on.


These are my Cauliflowers that can go out into the open ground now – I just haven’t had chance to put them out yet. And behind them some Hollyhocks that will stay in the greenhouse a bit longer.


Lettuce, I have been sowing every two weeks since early Feb. I have two rows in the ground (with the fleece handy incase it’s forecast frost). And others inside at varying stages ready to go in later. I’m growing Rouge D’Hiver, Red Velvet, Super Jericho and Parris Island Cos. I’m also growing some Tom Thumb but I’ve found the germination on this one to be a little patchy.


I’m gradually migrating most things (especially Tomatoes) from seed trays into individual pots. As you can see from the photo above I’m amassing lots of plants, some of which will need to be donated to the neighbours! Nobody needs 10 Cucumber plants, do they?

4 Comments on “My Tiny Seedlings

  1. Fab, love this time of year, my greenhouse is now officially full! just hoping that the temps go back to April normal soon so I can take some of the more hardy plantlings outside :0)

  2. This might sound like a stupid question but I’ve never understood why you would start lettuce inside and take the time to transplant when you could just direct sow it outside.

  3. Also, I find that I can control the way my garden looks a little easier with transplants. Whenever I direct sow anything the look is always a bit hit and miss. Of course I always direct sow root crops like Carrot, Beetroot and Parsnip but I tend to transplant Lettuce until it becomes too hot for them to germinate and then I find a nice shady corner for them.