Coriander Loves the Hot Weather!

Nothing like a week of blisteringly hot weather to get everything growing huh? This is my little rabbit planter that I sowed some Coriander in. The seeds are the ones I saved last December and they seem to have germinated very well. Last week the seedlings were just popping through.

A week later and they’re in full swing. I officially love summer!

14 Comments on “Coriander Loves the Hot Weather!

  1. My coriander seedlings are the same! Loving this weather :)

  2. yup – everything in my garden has exploded this last 10 days!

    my coriander always seems to bolt and flower too soon – any tips to help avoid this?

  3. Hi James, Coriander doesn’t like being moved so sow in situ if you can. Also you need to give it some space so thin the plants to the correct spacing (around 20cm apart). I’ve planted mine too close here but the sowing in the rabbit planter is more for effect than anything. I have some separate plants elsewhere in the garden.

    I’ll probably harvest all this in one go and make some salsa, then re-sow something else :) Coriander is pretty easy-come-easy-go. A bit like Rocket.

  4. Oh, this is good to know! We love coriander around here, and it is not so common at our farmers’ markets. I will definitely plant some :-) Hoping to find that balance between the benefit of the quick growth and the downside of the quick bolting.

  5. You have to keep sowing it. Sometimes pinching out the flower buds as they appear may help. Mine seem to fall over all-the-time as seedlings, wondering if I should plant deeper?

  6. Makes me think I should try and grow some. I’m pretty sure I bought some seed last year.

  7. I don’t know if it’s the same across the lake, but here in America the plant itself and the leaves that you use for salsas ans such, is called cilantro. When you let the plant go to flower and get the seeds we call that coriander.

  8. It’s great to see everything shooting up, I normally sow a handful of coriander in a pot every 2 or 3 weeks to combat the bolting.

  9. We were very excited to receive “Jacksons Garden” in the mail last week! The kiddos have asked to read it every night, they love it! Great work.

  10. Very cute pot. You’ve inspired me to grow coriander next year – I normally don’t bother here in Dubai as we have huge bunches that are really cheap to buy in the supermarkets. Usually grow the woody Mediterrean herbs that stand the heat – thyme and oregano do really well. Is there a seed company you recommend as I buy mine in the UK.