Never-ending Winter Lettuce

My Winter Density Lettuce are just coming into their own and it’s nearly the end of May! I’m so glad that I planted two varieties of winter Lettuce because the Winter Gem hearted up early and are now all gone but this variety is still going.

After this harvest I’ll have three Lettuces left in the ground which I’m saving for my camping trip at the weekend. After that the summer Lettuces will be centre stage, Marvel of the 4 Seasons, Drunken Housewife, Parris Island, Tom Thumb and Oak Leaf. Can’t wait!

What Lettuce varieties are you growing? And which is your favourite. Mine is still Marvel.

6 Comments on “Never-ending Winter Lettuce

  1. Truly beautiful lettuce. I like the tart-er lettuce, with some peppery taste. Rocket is a good one, as is a kind of long-leafed one whose name escapes me, but is very spicy. But somehow, even though it is supposed to be easy, I can never grow a good batch of lettuce at home!

  2. I’ve been pleased with Winter Density and Artic King that I over-wintered, despite the harsh winter we’ve had lettuce throughout May and now the summer varieties are coming in to take over.

  3. Your salad looks beautiful indeed! On my list for next year. My favourite is not only because of the taste (although quite nice) but also of the appearance. In my “salad square” we have around 16 varieties at the start of the season, but especially then , when all forms and sizes are still more ot less the same, it looks a bit dull whatever I try with variation of leaves (curles,..) and especially colours: red & green types. And with a few flowers in between. But… the real change comes with Dear Tongue. This, I sow in 2 (radial) symmetrical long lines. So they grow each directly close to the other one. Fantastic, we cut/tear (with a bit of caution) troughout the season and the lines remains intact as the backbone of that area.

  4. Fabulous lettuce! As we (in Western Australia) go into winter I despair over my lettuce. My favourite is called Red Mignonette – that one in your pic looks a bit like Green Mignonette. Difficult to grow lettuce at 40 C. but now when the nights are 3 or 4 C. they just stop growing. Last year I found Oakleaf did best in the cold so I’ve invested heavily in Oakleaf! But also trying Iceberg and something called Baby Butternut. Rocket keeps going in Winter but I like just a bit of that mixed with a less assertive flavour for a salad.

  5. Ok, it really is a nice beginning however i’m going to take a look at that a bit more. Will let you know just what else i have found.