Herb Garden

Yesterday I planted up a small herb garden. A pot-bound lavender and an old rosemary bush from the garden at home found their way to mtp. I expect they’ll be much happier in the open ground rather than stuffed in pots on the (tiny) deck at home. So they went in. Also some small Thyme plants (French and Golden) that I bought at the nursery and a Purple Sage and these Chives. I’m planning to sow Corriander today and some Basil at home. That should keep our kitchen well stocked for the rest of the year. When I was a the garden centre choosing herbs I picked up a Tarragon plant and was debating whether to buy it or not. Then I realised that I never use Tarragon in any of my cooking and would probably never use it! A new mtp rule has been made… ‘only grow what you like to eat’… Sometimes it’s hard when the plants are so pretty just to grow them anyway but it really is pointless.

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