Companion Planting

I’ve decided to indulge in a little companion planting. I don’t know much about it but considered it couldn’t hurt to try a few partnerships to see if they get on well. I’ve planted some garlic in amongst my carrots to deter carrotfly and I’m planning to put some Nasturtiums next to my cucumbers and some Marigolds in between the cabbages and peas (to attract some friendly bugs to mtp). I found this link to a very helpful chart, especially the bit that talks about which plants ‘not’ to put next to each other. Anyone have any more suggestions on how I can pair up my plants successfully? Actualy, the BBC also has a good section on companions. Although they don’t mention Nasturtiums or the fact that chives can repel carrotfly.

5 Comments on “Companion Planting

  1. thanks for the link! i shall also endeavour into the world of companion planting…

  2. Yes, I especially like the one from Garden Guides and ‘Bad Companion’! You never really think about what plants shouldn’t be planted together. I’m still unsure of the benefits of companion planting since snails and slugs usually demolish the planting scheme before it gets started… Still there’s no harm in trying!

  3. Nice looking nasturtiums there. Pretty and edible too!

    I’m also going with nasturtiums and marigolds. I haven’t grown any carrots this year, but it is my intention to interplant them with onions next year. I’m also quite interested in trying out the three sisters method for courgettes, corn and beans – again, next year.

  4. ooh that sounds interesting – what does it do? keep the bugs away?

  5. Erm, well, according to Monty, it is supposed to provide some protection from raccoons!!! I don’t think we have much of a problem with them down our site, but I think you might be further south than us so you never know.

    Other than that I think it’s supposed to work well because of the complimentary things they do to the soil (do you like my in-depth grasp of the horticultural technicalities there?)