RC-1 Rain Collector

I love it when people take something that is universally U-G-L-Y and make it better. We spend so much time in our gardens – what makes manufacturers think that we want to look at a hunk of green (or black) plastic where our water butt must go?

We don’t. We want to look at this beautiful creation instead. It’s not a water butt, it’s a rain collector. Therein, lies the difference.

I want one!

7 Comments on “RC-1 Rain Collector

  1. Very pretty but I fear it would just make the rest of my garden look a bit like the ugly stepsisters next to Cinderella by comparison.

    I have, however, invested in a lovely wooden decommissioned wine barrel converted to a water butt – combining my environmental credentials with my love of drink.

  2. Wow, really nice. Quite pricey, but I guess it’s a bit of art at the same time. The pattern looks like it’s from the 50s or something. Would work well in a terrace with no hiding places for big plastic butts!

  3. I don’t think I’ll be bothering at that price either; I’ll stick with the buckets lying around the garden that collect rain for me. Dawn’s barrel sounds nice.

  4. That looks flimsy, is very expensive, and only holds 170 L. It’s not that attractive, really, either – it looks like something my grandma would buy from those cheapo mail-order catalogues.

    Personally, I’d just go with a 220 L recycled olive barrel or similar for $25. If you think it’s ugly, either screen it or paint it!

  5. I’m not keen on the water collector but they do a good value poly tunnel! better on the allotment than in the garden though I think.

  6. Give me the wooden barrel every time !!! I have bought 3 ex wine barrels this summer,together with the 2 ex whisky barrels we have had for several years didn’t cost as much as the item above and much more pleasing.

  7. We live near Wine Country in Northern California. We have a Mediterranean climate, so there’s no rain at all, except in the winter. However, we collect “grey water” in a re-purposed wine barrel.