Plotting a New Strawberry Bed

My existing Strawberry bed is three years old. While it still has some life left in it, I’m plotting a new Strawberry bed already. I’ll probably leave the plants I already have in the ground for one more year, while at the same time starting a new one in a different part of the garden. That way there will be some overlap and I shouldn’t be left with my Strawberry baskets empty.

The Strawberry plants I’ve already got are pretty good (no idea what variety they are as a friend gave them to me). I’m using them as stock to create my new bed. I have five new plants at the moment. I’ll probably aim for around six or eight.

I started them off by letting a few Strawberry runners root in the soil. Once they had put down small roots I gently pulled them up and, while still attached to the mother plant, planted them up in terracotta pots, as you see above. When they have taken strong root I will snip them off from the plant and over winter them in my cold frame. Then in early Spring I’ll plant them out in their new bed.

Anyone recommend a specific variety of Strawberry. I’ve heard that Marshmello is quite good.

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  1. Hi Gill,

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  2. I’ve heard good things about Marshmello too. I think Cambridge Favourite is hard to beat for taste, if a little disconcertingly orange, and this year am trying Mara De Bois since everyone seems to go on about it so much. They say it tastes like a woodland strawberry but the size of a cultivated one – which sounds very enticing.

  3. What a great way to get those runners growing! The fact that you are starting a new bed got me to thinking about what I just bought. It’s a self-contained, tiered strawberry bed. (I can picture the look on your face now) Anyway, its really cool and will prevent me from digging up and preparing a new bed and will supply an easier way for me to keep my darlin’ chickens out of the berries. Check it out, under planters, at It even has a sprinkler that you just run a hose to and if you want, a plastic dome for frost protection, in addition to the netting that will keep my chickens out! If you were to rotate your beds from one to the other….anyway, good luck with your berries. You must love them as much as I do!

  4. I am a big fan of Hapil, a very tasty mid season strawberry. I don’t think I could be without strawberries…just thinking about them in making my mouth water

  5. My strawberry has been completely neglected since I picked the last strawbs. Any advice – should i cut it back now or leave it until spring?

  6. Whoops – my strawberry BED has been completely neglected since the last strawbs were picked…any advice?

  7. Hi Joanne, I would cut it back now. I always cut mine back harsh at this time of year and they have always bounced back in Spring. Do it.

  8. I don’t think you can beat Elsanta for flavour, my puppy agreed and had most of them this year! I am planning to lift them all and put them in planters for next year so I can move them out of her way – I can deal with the yards of runners that are taking over at the same time!

  9. I have a tip from my head-gardener friend: pinch ALL the flowers of your NEW strawberry plants next year in order to ensure a bumper crop the following year. Keep them for one more year after that, then discard.
    He recommends Royal Sovereign.