Winter Cabbages

My Winter Cabbages (January King) are really brightening up the garden right now. It’s a bit wet and a bit brown out there but the rain seems to add more zing to the green on the Cabbage leaves making them a great feature.

I planted them out in late Summer and they did survive an attack from the Cabbage Whites, as you can see by the holes in their leaves. Hopefully they’ll start hearting up nicely and with a bit of luck they will be ready some time early next year.

I’ll probably give them a feed in the next month or so with a general purpose feed. And if they were on the allotment I’d think about netting them against pesky pigeons. But since they are in the garden with two cats on the prowl, I’m thinking they’re safe for now.

What do you have in your Winter veg garden. I’m hoping for Leeks, Parsnips, Winter Lettuce and, fingers-crossed, some forced Seakale!

8 Comments on “Winter Cabbages

  1. At the moment I have cabbage, kale, sprouting brocolli, leeks, parsnips and celeriac so keeping my fingers crossed that nothing eventful happens to them and hoping there will be enough green stuff to keep me going through the winter.

    This is the first year that I have managed to think ahead to winter, it really doesn’t feel right to be worrying about kale and cabbage in August but it is worth it a few months later.

  2. This is the first year I have thought of a winter garden. I am hoping for turnips and spinach. I would like to try leeks. When do you harvest your leeks?

  3. I have early white and late purple sprouting broccoli, leeks, brussel sprouts, purple and green kale, chard and parsnips with onions, garlic, broad beans and lettuce over wintering. I forgot about cabbages! Forced seakale sounds very exotic, look forward to seeing how that turns out.

  4. I only have raised beds and trying for onions and garlic. I also have some spinach but not a lot. Indoors, I’ve planted some herbs and rocket.

    I try to run a weekly (well now in winter maybe not every week) Urban Foodgrowing Tuesday Linky over at my blog, feel free to submit links to your posts there!

  5. Brussels, leeks and parsnips – though only a few of the parsnips left as not many germinated (the ones that did were lovely though).

  6. Red Cabbage! It is the first time i have grown them and they are so beautiful, a lovely colour for the winter garden.

  7. this is also the first year ive thought ahead for winter. Mainly because last winter drove me crazy waiting for spring with nothing to do! So in pots ive got spring cabbages and onions and garlic. In my potato planter sacks I’ve got winter gems and lambs lettuce growing away. then ive also got swiss chard, turnips kale and PSB. although only one plant of both kale and PSB seem to have survived the onslaught of the pesky caterpillars!

  8. We have an abundance of fantastic sprouts but the rest of the gang refuse to eat them unless fried up with bacon bits! I have heard (but never proved) that the flavour gets more ‘nutty’ after a good frost. Oli, who eats almost anything else, will simply not be in the same room as a sprout.