Pruning my Tayberry

Finally! I have tamed my Tayberry. It now looks all prim and proper like it should do after under gardener kindly attached my wire support system to the wall, I promptly pruned my Tayberry and rescued it from the floor!

I’m not sure of the variety but it can’t be a thornless type since pruning it was like wrestling with a very spiky, spiked thing. I had to wear my leather gardening gloves for protection and even then it still got its hooks into me.

Anyway, tis’ done now. I cut out the old fruiting branches at ground level and was left with three newer branches to tie in to the wire. These should fruit next year and give us more amazingly, plump Tayberries than we had this year (I’m thinking we had about 15 on it this year).

Tayberries have an amazing flavour. They really do taste of Blackberry and Raspberry at the same time. Well worth growing if you like both those fruit and now is the time to plant them too!

This one seems to be doing fine in a pot and it’s a great way to brighten up a wall where nothing is growing and turn it into more growing space for edibles. Yum!

7 Comments on “Pruning my Tayberry

  1. That reminds me, I must get out there and tame my tayberry, loganberry and raspberry. You’re right though, those tayberry bushes are the spikiest!

  2. Your tayberry looks great! I wish I had some space for some more berries, but my balcony is already overcrowded. I will get some blueberries tho.

  3. My delightful hippy friends tell me they are high in antioxidants and are uber uber good for you. I’ve never tried them but hear they are similar to Loganberry which are berry good for you too…boom boom!

  4. That sounds interesting – and as it happens I have a £10 voucher for T&M, who are offering a thornless tayberry…

    It can sit up with my blueberries in the fruit cage.

  5. Did wonder when I should prune my Taybury. Will make that a job for the weekend, better put a support up for it too as I didn’t get round to it when I should have done!! Is it time to prune raspberries too?