Starting a New Sunburst Pattern


I did a sunburst pattern a few years ago in my garden in the UK. I had a lot of fun doing it, but to be honest it was a bit tame. Just a few Lettuce in a diagonal pattern. In the past I’ve done diamond patterns on my allotment and zig-zag patterns too.


This year, I thought I would revisit the sunburst idea with a bit more gusto this time. It’s a larger area (around 10ft x 16ft) and I can grow some much more here. I’m also taking some inspiration from the old book that I found, Art of the Kitchen Garden, and planning to put in some annual flowers to give it some definition.


I’m so excited about the possibilities. I’ve started to do a plan and lay some string, and to mark out the basic pattern.


I have sowed, Beetroot, and put in some onion sets. I have also sowed some plants for transplant from the greenhouse (Kale, Cabbage, Cauliflower etc).


And the rest will be sowed directly into the ground. Here I have sowed some spare Onion sets just incase the birds pull them out or some don’t sprout. I’ll keep posting photos as I go.

4 Comments on “Starting a New Sunburst Pattern

  1. This looks like a fascinating project! Looking forward to seeing it when it’s further along.

  2. The birds have pulled up the Onion sets already. So I’ve pushed them back in again. I may need those spares!